For those of you who have been poor across the world of Internet Marketing, of course SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not foreign anymore. And of course for those who are learning internet marketing, SEO articles on this time would be very useful as a basis of knowledge that must be mastered in running your internet marketing business. 

By mastering SEO competition and win
SEO, then you will be assisted by many robots seach engines to drive traffic to your blog. They will work day and night without stopping to help you, faithfully, without asking wages. If your website / blog too crowded and you are good to process visitors who come into a buyer then you will be one of the internet marketing Indonesia's rich and successful. Is not that what you want? However, there is also the bad news, for those Internet marketers who are less able to bear the SEO strategy is probably not an option. SEO requires a considerable work hard, not a day and night time, it takes patience and consistency were high for suskes through this pathway. But do not be pessimistic first, if you have a strategy that is accurate, then your work can be done by someone else, without you yourself do it voluntarily. When you manage to do this SEO strategy, both through time and effort on your own or someone else then as above said, you like having employees who each had the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on, to help you succeed in doing internet marketing. There have been many players that internet marketing Indonesia managed to do it. Ok, without further ado (Myspace actually stale) let us consider the following explanation. 

What is Search Engine?  

Search Engine is the term used for a website / blog where people search (search engines) such as Google.com. In Search engines like Google, there are thousands, and even people looking for information by typing a word or a few words that they want to find more detailed information. You've often search on Google? If not, you can try to go to the website Google.com and then type "learn the business" for example, the thousands of index you'll find information, then just click on the titles in the search results to go to the web page that discusses the topic you carai earlier in this "learning the business". 

Now that you know what is Search Engine. Search Engine or the search engines there is also specific to Indonesia, for example, while Google is Google.co.id to Yahoo Indonesia is id.Yahoo.com. Players Internet Marketing Indonesia targeting local markets like Indonesia will try to win the competition in the local search engines, while the players will target global internet marketing global search engines anyway. 

What is SEO?  

SEO stands for seach engine optimization. Meaning is an activity undertaken to optimize your website in the eyes of search engines earlier. An optimized website on search engines will win and be in the top position of search results on search engines like Google earlier. If your website then your website will win as above said. Millions of people search on Google, for example, continue to see your website, people click on your website are met, then a lot of visitors to your blog. This means that search engines have been working day and night without stopping to help you, faithfully, without asking wages. You want that right?. If yes, then you can learn how.
Broadly speaking, there are two SEO activities: The First is to design your website / blog in order for Search Engine friendly. That is a website / blog you have designed that is friendly to Google. In order for your website later favored search engine. It will include navigation (menu) is good, there is always at least one link to the page you created, nor too many repeated links, your website fast loading, website / blog you are consistent topics (the fit between Title, Content articles , keywords and description). It's not difficult, for those who already know the secret. There are so many internet marketing players who have mastered it. The first activity is kept internally in your website / blog, because that's often referred to as ON-PAGE SEO (activities in the pages you create on your website / blog). 

The Second is the activity of OFF-PAGE SEO, that is an activity outside of the web / blog, how to make your website a lot of talk out there, so that the search engines consider your website as an "important". If you are internally designed websitblog friendly with search engines, and also talked about outside (eg other blogs that talk about your website) then the search engines will raise your webiste position in the search results by the keywords that you have created on your website / blog . For example, people searching for "learn internet marketing business" and the topic is on the web you are already SEO ready before then your website will have the potential to be on the front pages of search results. In what position you would be? rank one, two or three? or on page 2, 3, etc.? Depending on how optimal your website in the eyes of search engines earlier. Depending on how many rivals are also websites that are also optimized as yours. Who is the most OPTIMAL he would be number one. 

Any outside activities such as website (OFF-Page) optmization it?  

Activities outside of this website will be closely linked with the promotion, which makes your website much discussed outside. Promotions have 2 kinds: The first is by your own, you were talking about your website / blog beyond SEO web that you want her earlier on other websites. For example, by placing your website in the classifieds, web directory, or by writing on the outside and put a link back to your website you want to win SEO fought earlier. The internet marketer who likes to put a lot of ads, but fewer who enjoy writing. 

The second is a man volunteers to discuss the website / blog, because your website / blog is good and people are happy with it, so they are without prompting talk about your website, put a link to your website. 

Actually BOTTOM LINE LINK is how so many are heading to your website. Fill for this is how to get a lot BackLink. If you are outside of the promotion you certainly will create backlinks to your website, or other people who talk about it then they will usually create backlinks to get into your website. The more backlinks (quality backlinks of course) so much as the entrance to your website. Already website internally didesainn with standard SEO (On-Page SEO) or SEO-ready, and cool in the eyes of humans, too, plus a website / blog you talked about on the outside and the talk of the means your website must be IMPORTANT. Search Engines such as Google's also smart, he knows your website from another website, because search engine that also wander into other people's websites, not just to your website only. Well, if he's often found your website so search engines will think your website is also important. If your website is deemed important by the search engines then the rating will go up if people are looking for something related to what you write on your website / blog. Suppose there is a beautiful woman, but she was just being in the house alone, not on the cover of a magazine, never got on stage, there is no picture spread, is not known and not known by many people, then it is probably in a position that she could be a queen Worldwide? Similarly, a beautiful stunning website, but only the owner knows or just a small part of the owners friends, then the website will not be considered important by search engines, so that the website did not at this stage be called a champion SEO. After he was known to outsiders, praised and exalted, become a byword, then your website will then IMPORTANT eyes of search engines. 

Now you already know how 2 major steps to win the competition in the search engines or search engines ie On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The two major activities that were incorporated into the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Certainly not enough just know it? The most important thing is practicing it, Do It!.

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